Installation Process

The Basics of Setup

New SteadyServ users go through an easy three step setup process. All of this will be arranged and coordinated with a SteadyServ representative, and we are more than happy to answer any additional questions along the way.

Point of Sale setup

An appointment to integrate with your POS system is made. This allows data to be captured to make help the SteadyServ users make insightful decision and increase draft beer profit. Click here to learn more about the point of sale setup.

Network installation

An install appointment of part of the system’s hardware, the Gateway, is created. This hardware activiates the wireless SteadyServ network. Click here to learn more about the network install.

Smart Scales and training setup

An appointment is made to install smart scales and time to train staff on the ins and outs of the system. Click here to learn more about the smart scale installation and team training.

Self installation

Self installations are easy and SteadyServ has plenty to help you. Click here to learn the complete self installation process.

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