Digital Menu

Display your entire beer menu your way. Display all of your serving types, including bottles, cans, growlers, packs to go, and of course, draft. Fully customizable options to show your unique serving sizes. With plenty of options, you can choose to show prices, serving types and sizes for each individual beer.

Update your beer menu instantly

Digital Menu automatically updates displays to show new beers as soon as they’re tapped and remove sold-out items the second they’re gone. It's completely hands-free! Eliminate the tedious process of updating chalkboard beer menus, and keep your customers happy and your taps flowing. Talk about a win-win.

Display your menu your way

Digital Menu allows you to customize the serving types, sizes, and prices you display. With the ability to display bottles, cans, growlers, packs to go, and draft offerings, along with customizable serving sizes, your customers can easily see everything you have to offer.

Create demand with up-to-the-minute keg level displays

Digital Menu shows your customers and staff real-time keg levels of your draft menu. Everyone will know which beers are still available or when a favorite brew is about to run out.

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