SteadyServ featured on Venture Beat

We are super excited to have been featured on Venture Beat, the site all about tech, people, and money!  It is becoming more obvious that people appreciate having their beer when they want (no one likes a shortage of beer)! Check out the feature below and the post as a whole – Venture Beat always […]

Nobody Puts My Beer in a Frosted Mug

There is nothing worse than ordering your favorite beer and it arriving in a frosted mug.  Talk about a buzz kill.  If this ever happens to you, immediately drop your mug and run.  You are in a bar that does not truly appreciate the art of craft beer. Why?  Because craft beer drinkers actually want […]

Beer Myths Debunked

Ever heard one of your friends telling you that beer should be served ice cold or that the shape of the glass doesn’t change anything about the taste? Think again. There are a lot of myths that surround beer. You probably knew that the shape of the glass does actually matter. Beer glasses are actually […]

Beer Blogs You Should Read

No one can ever be too knowledgable or too enthusiastic about beer!  To further your knowledge and gain some insight from other avid beer lovers make sure to check out these beer blogs.  Each provide insight from a different set of eyes about craft beer, experiences, festivals, and the industry as a whole. Hop Bunnies […]

The Craft Beer Craze, Can Big Beer Keep Up?

This past year alone Americans drank 6.3 billion gallons of beer. We’re sure many of you craft beer drinkers tried to get in your beer fix before the keg unfortunately ran out . And we all know how much we hate it when we can’t get the beer we want. Anyway back to the story […]

The Millennial Generation and Beer

It seems Millennials are everywhere and changing how everything works, beer included.  As the Millennial generation grows, more and more are experiencing and uncovering new brands, flavors, and varieties of beer (along with all other products that surround their life). Millennials, the generation of ‘instant gratification’ and social media obsession, love craft beer, love recommendations, […]

Health Reasons to Drink Beer

While us craft beer fanatics know a lot about our beer, we all know that there is always valuable information that can help better our experience with it (like knowing what place has your favorite craft beer and (more importantly) hasn’t run out. Even though wine is typically associated with having health benefits within moderation, […]

A Different Craft Beer for Every Mood

The view from a bar stool: A guest blog post by Eric Crose @EatUrban Hi, I’m Eric Crose and I love craft beer and I will go to great lengths to find it and enjoy it. We all know that craft beer is becoming very popular. Here are a few realities that I face on […]

Dallas Beer Fanatic: Dogs Love Craft Beer Too

A guest blog post by Misty Sanford @mistybsanford. Misty is based in Dallas and is obsessed with craft beer. She even won an award at “Brew Riot” a few weeks ago for her home brew. She is massively particular about her beer, finding it and concerned about her bar or public house of choice not […]

How Beer Saved The World

How beer saved the world may sound a little dramatic (although many of us craft beer fanatics live this everyday – other than when we can get our craft brew because the pub or restaurant has run out) – but while many of us enjoy a cold one after a long day at work, or […]

Nibletz Features SteadyServ

We are so happy to say that SteadyServ was recently featured in an article on Nibletz. Nibletz, voice of startups everywhere, highlights start up companies from all over the world. The article provides background information on SteadyServ as well the progress that we have been making. To see the full article click here.

Fox59 Features SteadyServ

We are thrilled that we were featured on Fox59 late last week! Indiana company helping bars track beer with iKeg When kegs of specialty or craft beers run out unexpectedly, beer lovers aren’t happy. Now a Central Indiana company is using technology to try to make that a thing of the past. [popup url=””][/popup] Scotty’s Brewhouse is known […]

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