Midwest Top 10 Craft Beers: May Edition

The May edition of the Midwest Top 10 Craft Beers is here — with four (yes four!) new beers making their list debut. Our newcomers are made up of three IPAs and a Bohemian-Style Pilsener. Scroll down to see if your favorites made the cut! And while you’re at it — be sure to check […]

Midwest Top 10 Craft Beers: April Edition

The seasons are changing and so are beer drinkers’ consumption habits. Some of the most notable changes? A few Irish-inspired brews shook up the Midwest Top 10 last month thanks to thanks to everyone’s favorite holiday — St. Patrick’s Day. Boston Beer Company rose to it’s highest position to date, with Cold Snap coming in […]

Southeast Top 10 Craft Beers: April Edition

We’re back with the April edition of the Southwest Top 10 Craft Beers and we have some big changes in the list to share this month! While we didn’t see any Irish styles rise to the top like we did on the Midwest Top 10, the Southeast Top 10 saw a number of newcomers this month […]

How Much Do You Really Know About Beer?

We’re not sure that National Plum Pudding Day is really worth celebrating… But National Beer Day? We’re all over that. April 7, 1933 marked the end of prohibition and 83 years later we’re celebrating by grabbing a brew and challenging our friends to outscore us in this National Beer Day quiz. How much do you really […]

3 Houston Breweries You Have To Try

If your team is still dancing, we’re jealous. If you’re headed to Houston this weekend, we’re really jealous. Jealously aside – we want you to take advantage of your time in Texas, which is why we’re sharing our picks for the top three breweries in Houston. Make the most of the madness and be sure to check […]

Beer by the Numbers: St. Patrick’s Day 2016

We all know St. Patrick’s Day = beer. But just how much beer? And is it all Guinness? To find out, we analyzed 442,174.73 ounces of beer poured (that’s 27,635.9 pints!) in SteadyServ bars across the country on St. Patrick’s Day 2016. What we found is that St. Pat’s is a really big deal when it comes […]

Midwest Top 10 Craft Beers: March Edition

Last month SteadyServ recorded 4.51 million ounces of beer poured. Based on that data, here are the 10 most poured beers in our Midwest locations. All data is based on the number of ounces poured in SteadyServ’s verified accounts in the Midwest.   We also compiled a list of the top beers in the Southeast — […]

Southeast Top 10 Craft Beers: March Edition

SteadyServ locations poured 4.51 million ounces of draft beer last month Here were the 10 most poured beers in the Southeast. All data is based on the number of ounces poured in SteadyServ’s verified accounts in the Southeast.   Want more? Check out the March edition of the Midwest’s top 10 beers. You can also learn more here […]

7 Reasons You Need a Digital Beer Menu

Digital beer menus are popping up all over the place. Why are bar managers making the switch? Because digital beer menus are: 1. Efficient You and your staff only have so many hours in the day and they should be spent on what matters most — providing a superior experience to your customers. With a […]

Southeast Top 10 Craft Beers: February Edition

It may not be that cold in the Southeast, but that doesn't meant there haven't been a few cold ones consumed! Did your favorite craft beers top our most-poured list? If not, check out our Midwest Top 10 to see how your favorites fared there. All data is based on the number of ounces poured in SteadyServ's verified [...]

Midwest Top 10 Craft Beers: February Edition

The Midwest started the year off with a few cold ones in January. And no, we're not just talking about the weather. As you bundled up to bear the cold, were you drinking one top craft beers in the Midwest? If not, check out our Southeast Top 10 to see if you really should relocate. All [...]

Big Game Road Trip: Top Breweries for Carolina Fans

You wouldn’t miss seeing Carolina in the big game and we wouldn’t want you to miss these 9 must-visit breweries between Charlotte and Santa Clara. Hand-picked by our beer experts, these breweries were chosen from a BreweryMap list of 168 breweries along the route to Santa Clara.   Stop #1: NoDa Brewing Company – Charlotte, NC 2229 North Davidson St, […]

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