What Happens When You Run Out Of Beer? [Video]

Running out of beer isn’t on any bar’s to-do list. A domino effect takes place as soon as a bartender or server has to say, “Sorry. We’re out of your beer.” Kristina Mazza, Operations Manager at Lux Restaurants knows all too well how this domino effect plays out not only for her patrons but also […]

Revisiting the Big Business of Beer

We’ve been talking a lot about the evolution of the beverage industry this month—or really the lack of evolution. Why haven’t the beer industry and beverage inventory processes progressed since Prohibition? It hasn’t had to change until now. Before evolution occurs, we have to identify the problem to catapult change. In this post, we’re breaking […]

Why Hasn’t The Beer Industry Evolved?

Over at SteadyServ® Technologies, we’re humbled by the recent interest the press has taken in our iKeg™ solution. Beverage industry-focused publications and sites like Craft Brewing Business and Food & Beverage Magazine make sense to us—it’s logical to cover a technology solution that targets the industry of their readership. But we have to ask ourselves why the […]

What You Need To Know To Grow: Measurements

How are your 2014 goals shaping up so far? I, for one, started the first day of the year crafting a vision board, as I do every New Year’s Day. It’s an inspiring visual for the year to come. But what it lacks is measurable touch points and an executable plan to achieve my big […]

An Ode To The Townie Bar

In a one stop light town, 30 minutes from the highway, is a townie bar I hold near and dear to my heart. After driving through the winding hilly roads of Southern Indiana, you will find yourself approaching the town of Hanover. Unlike most towns in Indiana the first thing you see is not a […]

Beer 101: The Beauty Of Growlers

When I started my craft beer journey, I needed a guide. I came across a phenomenal book written by Joshua M. Bernstein called, “Brewed Awakening.” I know, I thought it was clever too. I started reading and immediately found a kindred spirit in Mr. Bernstein. His passion for beer was evident and his writing style […]

Working Hard For Our Beer? Not In The U.S.

We all know the gut-wrenching feeling of having to drop some serious dough for a cocktail on the weekend, but beer is expected to be cheap, right? Or is it? Americans don’t know how good they have it when it comes to being able to buy a beer for under $5, and that’s not including […]

Can Some Beers Really Keep You Warm?

I do not know what part of the country everyone else is in, but here it is COLD!!! Having just visited South Florida, I have been kicking myself since my return for blowing my savings to move across the country only to freeze to death. However, there has been one comforting friendship that keeps me […]

The Craft Beer Hipster Stereotype

The hipster phenomenon has left behind the world of locally roasted coffee for the realm of craft beer. While their steady presence at coffee shops won’t be changing anytime soon, when it comes to what hipsters want to drink after 5 o’clock it appears craft beer is their number one choice. Even though this video […]

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